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  About Us  
  A Brief Introduction About Our Company, Who we are & What we do  
  Modepro is privately held ISO 9001:2000 certified company, which was established in 1993 primarily to manufacture pharmaceutical intermediates and fine chemicals. Modepro is a reliable partner to multinational companies engaged in the manufacture of Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, Agrochemicals & other specialty chemicals.  
  Our People  
  We are a team of highly qualified individuals having vast experience in various facets of chemical process development, process scale-up, chemical technology & manufacturing expertise. We are able to provide cost effective solutions for our customer’s diverse requirements. Our staff & workers are well trained in all process & safety requirements.  
  Our Infrastructure  
  Ours is a versatile plant, we have glass lined & stainless steel reactors, pressure reactors etc capable of carrying out various different kinds of reactions under different conditions. Our infrastructure is designed to carry out many types of processes including hazardous reactions in a safe manner  
  Our Products  
  We manufacture intermediates for several API’s. We also manufacture fine chemicals & Specialty chemicals. We are among the largest manufacturer of Thiophene products in India and we have an extensive range of different thiophene products.  
  Process Development  
  We have a successful track record in developing non-infringing processes and scaling them up from laboratory to kilo scale to commercial scale production. Our expertise enables us to successfully manage and develop a wide range of processes that conform to stringent quality and safety guidelines.  
  Our quality assurance & quality control departments are staffed with competent individuals with a thorough understanding of GMP requirements.

Our plant has been audited by several European multinational companies for compliance to GMP for pharmaceutical intermediates based on the ICHQ7 standard.
  Respect for Intellectual Property  
  Our long-term relationships with multinational companies bear testimony to our strict adherence to Intellectual Property. We leverage best practices and technology to ensure confidentiality in our operations.  
  Environment, Health and Safety  
  We are committed to the health and safety of our employees, the welfare of our community and environment protection. We play a proactive role in creating awareness, imparting training and minimizing pollution.  
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